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Thread: Suggest next Teensy with Cortex M7

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    Absolutely. The mechanical transducers, be it speakers, headphones, or record pickups for example have always been the weakest part in the chain and thus required the most attention and investment. That’s something which today’s 5$ earplug generations will probably not understand, as long as it’s loud enough... An electrostatic headphone gives much more fine details but it does not allow not high SPL and it’s much more expensive - nothing for people who are used to radio and TV which is interrupted every few minutes by a meaningless jingle...

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    Sorry, i didn't follow the last month, and have not read all the news.

    I would just like to express the urgent wish (and maybe someone already knows something about it) that we also need a larger, faster display. Without that it's only half as much fun

    WLAN might also be a good idea - via USB host, maybe?. I see that the USB library has already made good progress - hopefully you can use it for the new chip (?)
    I would like to be involved in the development, also for the 3.6 - We could try to "port" Linux-wlan-drivers for some chipsets. (I know that they heavyly depend on other linux-network-stuff, but hey... We all love challenges - don't we?)

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    Frank, have a look into the discussion, which is more realistic.

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