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Thread: Bass Enhance in Teensy Audio

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    Bass Enhance in Teensy Audio


    I'm currently working with the Teensy Audio board to improve the sound of a small pair of speakers. I looked into the datasheet of the SGTL5000 and the documentation of the audio library but wasn't still completely sure how to implement the bass enhancement algorithm properly.

    This was the info I found:

    // audioShield.enhanceBass((float)lr_level,(float)bas s_level,(uint8_t)hpf_bypass,(uint8_t)cutoff);
    // please see page 50 for valid values for BYPASS_HPF and CUTOFF

    My questions:

    1. What does the lr_level do? Is this similar to the general volume command; audioShield.volume(0.8)?
    2. What does the hpf_bypass exactly do and how could I implement it?
    3. Is the following reference list of the cut-off frequencies correct?

    0 80Hz
    1 100Hz
    2 125Hz
    3 150Hz
    4 175Hz
    5 200Hz
    6 225Hz

    4. If you want to specify the specific parameters do you have to call both enhanceBassEnable() and enhanceBass() or can you do without the first?

    Thanks in advance!
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