Here is a five channel filler/checkweigher. 5 double headed Watson Marlow DC servo drive pumps. 3 liters per minute per channel max. Teensy 3.6 is the main controller with Teensy 3.2 stepper slaves for the steppers or PCA9685 slaves to drive servo pump speed and direction. DC drives are LMD18200 for DC. Pump Steppers drives are Toshiba 6600 from T3.2 slaves. Rocker nozzle drive is Alegro 4988. Load cells provide insitu check-weigh. Modbus TCP for connection to a touch screen. Raspberry PI zereo w for wireless. Also cell phone cloud connection is possible with on-board socket for a PARTICLE Electron. Local weight displays are provided by Sparkfun 7 segment numerical displays(COM-11442) with status lights driven by Neopixel arrays.
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and an earlier picture of inside with DC servo pumps...Next I will convert to Stepper pump drives like I already did for the BioReactor.

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