Hi everybody.

I don't know what I did wrong, but the i2c pins, that were working fine, are not anymore. None of them. I'm trying to check with the usual i2c scann sketches, using Wire and i2c_t3, with the same results. Either stuck in the "scanning..." phase or having a "No devices found".
Maybe I made a short circuit, or had the + coming from Vin. I don't know. I found some threads about similar problems, but they have so many information, pointing to many different directions, I don't know which one to follow.

So I would like to ask how can I check if I ruined the pins for good, or if I didn't and just made them unresponsive somehow, is there a way to reset them? Like a "restore defaults" or something like that?

B.t.w. Wouldn't be nice if this was in the troubleshooting session? I'm sure a a lot of beginners like me would have to face similar problems, and having an organized way to decouple the problem would be useful for everyone.

best regards,