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Thread: Can't use BUILTIN_SDCARD on Teensy 3.5

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    Can't use BUILTIN_SDCARD on Teensy 3.5

    Version Info
    Teensy 3.5
    Arduino 1.8.2
    Visual Micro 1705.8
    Visual Studio 15.2

    OK, so I'm trying to find out what the "official" way of using the board's built-in SD card is.

    The site says it is supported in SD.h, and I tried downloading his and overwriting Arduino's built-in SD card library. It's clearly SPI, which isn't optimal, but also it seems to call on a CS variable called "BUILTIN_SDCARD" which does not exist.

    What I would prefer is an SDIO method. All I have really found on this site is a reference to a beta version of sdfat, followed by reports of tons of errors.

    Is there a straightforward rundown of how to use the Teensy 3.5's built-in SD card in an optimal way?

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    My guess is you're using the wrong SD library... not the one from a recent version of Teensyduino which supports BUILTIN_SDCARD.

    Perhaps try in Arduino. Just select Teensy in Tools > Boards. Then open File > Examples > SD > listfiles. Look at the comments. If Arduino opened the example from Teensyduino's SD lib, you should see a comment about BUILTIN_SDCARD. Of course, editing the code to use BUILTIN_SDCARD should work when you click Verify.

    If this works in Arduino, but the same files in Visual Micro, you'll probably have better luck posting on Visual Micro's forum.

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    OK, I deleted the existing SD folder altogether and placed in yours. It all seems to work just fine now. Thanks!

    Is this SPI or SDIO?

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    I got this from a quick search T_3.5 is the same:
    Quote Originally Posted by manitou View Post
    The T3.6 SD does NOT use SPI, but rather 4-bit SDIO by default.

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