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Thread: Ease of programming with "raw" C++?

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    Ease of programming with "raw" C++?

    I am a moderate (and improving) C++ programmer. I am interested in programming my Teensy board using just C++ and not the Arduino-dialect of it. From what I can tell this is either fairly easy or pretty complex

    I am just wondering, before I go too far, how much more challenging it is to write C++ than use Arduino, if modern C++ (and the STL) can be used, and how well existing community libraries for Arduino (such as Firmata and ethernet) work.


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    PJRC is working on using more recent GCC versions; and is working on ethernet stuff for the T3.6.

    STL has been in GCC for a many years, but not wonderful to implement in teensyduino libraries. There have been some STL implementations for arduino. The emperor's search engine is all-knowing and all-seeing, and awaits your bidding.

    Some later firmata versions address specifics of Teensy boards. My T3.5 has made firmata performance tolerable.

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    Depends on what parts of STL you would like to use. I've got vector ported to work with Arduino:

    This was the major STL feature that I was looking to use and I still get the convenience of working within the Arduino IDE.

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    I have successfully used the Eigen library on the teensy and Arduino mega using a port for STL for Arduino. Teensy STD support is already built in and don't need an extra library. Do a quick search of the forum.

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