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Thread: Yet another Teensy Loader RPI3 Question thread....

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    Yet another Teensy Loader RPI3 Question thread....

    Please delete if this doesn't match the appropriate standard for a question....

    I work in a company with some real PITA IT folks that do not really help the engineers out as much as we would like at times...

    I am looking at having a RPI 3 at my desk to develop Python GUI stuff as well as a station to program a teensy 3.5

    My main question is that I plan on using the HID examples heavily for the Teensy 3.5.... will I run into any issues with the "teensy loader" on a RPI3 when using HID examples for the Teensy 3.5.... final question is if the HID exmaples will work with the RPI 3....

    Thanks everyone for any help you can give to these compatibility questions
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