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Thread: Teensyduino 1.38 Beta #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    Wire1 support for pins on SD socket (if not using SD card)
    Hi Paul,
    any chance you could map PTE0-5 including both UARTs alternates, I2C and SPI as, say, pins 58-63?

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    They already are as far as I know. I added that support awhile ago. I have run SPI display using an adapter I plug into the SD card slot.
    They are pins 58-62, and I verified code in Serial2 and Serial4.

    Likewise I verified pins 58 and 59 are in table for Wire1.

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    The SD socket pins are there:

    Port E0 - E5 is mapped to 58 - 63 (core_pins.h):
    #define CORE_PIN58_BIT 0
    #define CORE_PIN59_BIT 1
    #define CORE_PIN60_BIT 2
    #define CORE_PIN61_BIT 3
    #define CORE_PIN62_BIT 4
    #define CORE_PIN63_BIT 5

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    I had no idea about that, thanks guys. SPI makes sense (brain fart), but is I2C on pte0,1 mapped too?
    Edit: "I2C1: SCL/SDA" awesome
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    New Libs

    I would recommend TeensyThreads as well as NeoGPS. Both work great with the Teensy. NeoGPS is already downloadable the lib manager in Arduino IDE.


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