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Thread: FYI: USB mouse button example does not compile on teensy2 and teensy2++

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    FYI: USB mouse button example does not compile on teensy2 and teensy2++

    When testing Sloeber I have 2 failed tests on the USB mouse button example (examples of teensyduino 1.4.1)
    I tested with teensyduino and that also failed (though with a different error message)
    The problem is with Mouse.screenSize(1920, 1080);
    Apparently for teensy2(++) Mouse is defined in usb_api.h where in the other cases in usb_mouse.h
    usb_api.h does not define the screensize method resulting in the error.

    Best regards

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    Yes it looks like the Teensy 2/2+ mouse class which is in the usb_api.h... stuff was not updated to the newer stuff in the Teensy 3.X and LC code base. Looks like those new calls were added something like 4 years ago and the example function had it maybe at least 2+ years ago (first code drop for updated example)...

    So my guess is it may not be a high priority to update this code base. Options include try to add the functionality to the Teensy 2 class and then see if Paul might take a Pull request, or update the example to not use the screenSize and moveTo methods on the T2

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    It is up to Paul but I was thinking about adding a comment in the example.

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    cool :-) thanks

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