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Thread: Two GUI related bugs

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    Two GUI related bugs

    I've run into a couple of issues while working on a project. Neither of these are getting in the way of what I'm working on, but I felt like I should share them.

    1) When importing audio connections into the Design Tool, the connections do not import when I use the Filter object connected to output 1 or 2 (Band/High). Sometimes it flashes an error message for a second about a null connection, but since the message is intermittent and doesn't last long enough for me to get the full code. Obviously, I've been able to redraw the connections, but in bigger projects that can take some serious time. I feel like this is a 3rd party program, so maybe you won't be able to fix it, but I wanted to share it. To see what I mean, you can try this in the gui:

    #include <Audio.h>
    #include <Wire.h>
    #include <SPI.h>
    #include <SD.h>
    #include <SerialFlash.h>
    // GUItool: begin automatically generated code
    AudioSynthWaveformSine   sine1;          //xy=537,226
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter1;        //xy=759,231
    AudioOutputI2S           i2s1;           //xy=1090,225
    AudioConnection          patchCord1(sine1, 0, filter1, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord2(filter1, 1, i2s1, 0);
    AudioControlSGTL5000     sgtl5000_1;     //xy=85,85
    // GUItool: end automatically generated code
    2) The waveshape object is not recognized by the teensduino software. When I drop the code below into arduino, the "AudioEffectWaveshaper" is in black and not orange. I'm using teensyduino 1.37 and arduino 1.8.2.

    #include <Audio.h>
    #include <Wire.h>
    #include <SPI.h>
    #include <SD.h>
    #include <SerialFlash.h>
    // GUItool: begin automatically generated code
    AudioSynthWaveformSine   sine1;          //xy=537,226
    AudioEffectWaveshaper    waveshape1;     //xy=822.5000152587891,240.00002098083496
    AudioOutputI2S           i2s1;           //xy=1090,225
    AudioConnection          patchCord1(sine1, waveshape1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord2(waveshape1, 0, i2s1, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord3(waveshape1, 0, i2s1, 1);
    AudioControlSGTL5000     sgtl5000_1;     //xy=85,85
    // GUItool: end automatically generated code
    If its something on my end, please let me know!

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    For the import in the GUI I also get the error with missing wires quite often. It shows:
    Audio Library Error: TypeError: wires[w2] is null

    This is in Firefox.

    When I try Chrome I get:
    Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of null

    Using internet explorer I get a similiar message in German.

    Is there any workaround? For large projects this problem makes the GUI unusable.

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    Bump this zombie.
    The error is still in the Audio System Design Tool.
    I can not find the issue. Can someone help? Please!
    // GUItool: begin automatically generated code
    AudioInputI2S            i2s1;           //xy=171,527
    AudioInputUSB            usb1;           //xy=171,559
    AudioMixer4              mixer1;         //xy=315,510
    AudioMixer4              mixer2;         //xy=315,572
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter39;       //xy=481,645
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter41;       //xy=481,691
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter43;       //xy=481,736
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter45;       //xy=481,782
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter47;       //xy=481,828
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter49;       //xy=481,874
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter51;       //xy=481,920
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter1;        //xy=488,112
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter3;        //xy=488,158
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter5;        //xy=488,203
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter7;        //xy=488,249
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter9;        //xy=488,295
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter11;       //xy=488,341
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter13;       //xy=488,387
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak20;         //xy=546,513
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak21;         //xy=546,552
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter40;       //xy=620,644
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter42;       //xy=620,690
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter44;       //xy=620,735
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter46;       //xy=620,781
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter48;       //xy=620,827
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter50;       //xy=620,873
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter52;       //xy=620,919
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter2;        //xy=627,111
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter4;        //xy=627,157
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter6;        //xy=627,202
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter8;        //xy=627,248
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter10;       //xy=627,294
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter12;       //xy=627,340
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter14;       //xy=627,386
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak7;          //xy=770,386
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak3;          //xy=771,202
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak4;          //xy=771,248
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak5;          //xy=771,295
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak6;          //xy=771,340
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak1;          //xy=772,110
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak2;          //xy=772,157
    AudioMixer4              mixer3;         //xy=853,1023
    AudioMixer4              mixer4;         //xy=854,1085
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter53;       //xy=913,643
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter55;       //xy=913,689
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter57;       //xy=913,734
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter59;       //xy=913,780
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter61;       //xy=913,826
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter63;       //xy=913,872
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter65;       //xy=913,918
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter15;       //xy=920,110
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter17;       //xy=920,156
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter19;       //xy=920,201
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter21;       //xy=920,247
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter23;       //xy=920,293
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter25;       //xy=920,339
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter27;       //xy=920,385
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter54;       //xy=1052,642
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter56;       //xy=1052,688
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter58;       //xy=1052,733
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter60;       //xy=1052,779
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter62;       //xy=1052,825
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter64;       //xy=1052,871
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter66;       //xy=1052,917
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter16;       //xy=1059,109
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter18;       //xy=1059,155
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter20;       //xy=1059,200
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter22;       //xy=1059,246
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter24;       //xy=1059,292
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter26;       //xy=1059,338
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter28;       //xy=1059,384
    AudioSynthNoiseWhite     noise1;         //xy=1189,526
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak14;         //xy=1202,384
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak10;         //xy=1203,200
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak11;         //xy=1203,246
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak12;         //xy=1203,293
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak13;         //xy=1203,338
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak8;          //xy=1204,109
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak9;          //xy=1204,155
    AudioMixer4              mixer5;         //xy=1317,1025
    AudioMixer4              mixer6;         //xy=1318,1087
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter67;       //xy=1350,641
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter69;       //xy=1350,687
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter71;       //xy=1350,732
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter73;       //xy=1350,778
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter75;       //xy=1350,824
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter77;       //xy=1350,870
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter29;       //xy=1356,107
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter31;       //xy=1356,153
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter33;       //xy=1356,198
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter35;       //xy=1356,244
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter37;       //xy=1356,290
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter68;       //xy=1489,640
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter70;       //xy=1489,686
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter72;       //xy=1489,731
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter74;       //xy=1489,777
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter76;       //xy=1489,823
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter78;       //xy=1489,869
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter30;       //xy=1495,106
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter32;       //xy=1495,152
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter34;       //xy=1495,197
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter36;       //xy=1495,243
    AudioFilterStateVariable filter38;       //xy=1495,289
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak17;         //xy=1639,197
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak18;         //xy=1639,243
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak19;         //xy=1639,290
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak15;         //xy=1640,106
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak16;         //xy=1640,152
    AudioMixer4              mixer9;         //xy=1639,1023
    AudioMixer4              mixer10;        //xy=1641,1085
    AudioMixer4              mixer7;         //xy=1694,728
    AudioMixer4              mixer8;         //xy=1695,791
    AudioMixer4              mixer11;        //xy=1803,1050
    AudioAnalyzePeak         peak22;         //xy=1961,991
    AudioOutputI2S           i2s2;           //xy=1965,1033
    AudioOutputUSB           usb2;           //xy=1965,1064
    AudioConnection          patchCord1(i2s1, 0, mixer1, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord2(i2s1, 1, mixer2, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord3(usb1, 0, mixer1, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord4(usb1, 1, mixer2, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord5(mixer1, 0, filter1, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord6(mixer1, 0, filter3, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord7(mixer1, 0, filter5, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord8(mixer1, 0, filter7, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord9(mixer1, 0, filter9, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord10(mixer1, 0, filter11, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord11(mixer1, 0, filter13, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord12(mixer1, 0, filter15, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord13(mixer1, 0, filter17, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord14(mixer1, 0, filter19, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord15(mixer1, 0, filter21, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord16(mixer1, 0, filter23, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord17(mixer1, 0, filter25, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord18(mixer1, 0, filter27, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord19(mixer1, 0, filter29, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord20(mixer1, 0, filter31, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord21(mixer1, 0, filter33, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord22(mixer1, 0, filter35, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord23(mixer1, 0, filter37, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord24(mixer1, peak20);
    AudioConnection          patchCord25(mixer2, 0, filter39, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord26(mixer2, 0, filter41, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord27(mixer2, 0, filter43, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord28(mixer2, 0, filter45, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord29(mixer2, 0, filter47, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord30(mixer2, 0, filter49, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord31(mixer2, 0, filter51, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord32(mixer2, 0, filter53, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord33(mixer2, 0, filter55, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord34(mixer2, 0, filter57, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord35(mixer2, 0, filter59, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord36(mixer2, 0, filter61, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord37(mixer2, 0, filter63, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord38(mixer2, 0, filter65, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord39(mixer2, 0, filter67, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord40(mixer2, 0, filter69, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord41(mixer2, 0, filter71, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord42(mixer2, 0, filter73, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord43(mixer2, 0, filter75, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord44(mixer2, 0, mixer11, 2);
    AudioConnection          patchCord45(mixer2, peak21);
    AudioConnection          patchCord46(filter39, 0, filter40, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord47(filter41, 1, filter42, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord48(filter43, 1, filter44, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord49(filter45, 1, filter46, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord50(filter47, 1, filter48, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord51(filter49, 1, filter50, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord52(filter51, 1, filter52, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord53(filter1, 0, filter2, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord54(filter3, 1, filter4, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord55(filter5, 1, filter6, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord56(filter7, 1, filter8, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord57(filter9, 1, filter10, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord58(filter11, 1, filter12, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord59(filter13, 1, filter14, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord60(filter40, 0, mixer3, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord61(filter42, 1, mixer3, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord62(filter44, 1, mixer3, 2);
    AudioConnection          patchCord63(filter46, 1, mixer3, 3);
    AudioConnection          patchCord64(filter48, 1, mixer4, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord65(filter50, 1, mixer4, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord66(filter52, 1, mixer4, 2);
    AudioConnection          patchCord67(filter2, 0, peak1, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord68(filter4, 1, peak2, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord69(filter6, 1, peak3, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord70(filter8, 1, peak4, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord71(filter10, 1, peak5, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord72(filter12, 1, peak6, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord73(filter14, 1, peak7, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord74(mixer3, 0, mixer9, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord75(mixer4, 0, mixer9, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord76(filter53, 1, filter54, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord77(filter55, 1, filter56, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord78(filter57, 1, filter58, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord79(filter59, 1, filter60, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord80(filter61, 1, filter62, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord81(filter63, 1, filter64, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord82(filter65, 1, filter66, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord83(filter15, 1, filter16, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord84(filter17, 1, filter18, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord85(filter19, 1, filter20, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord86(filter21, 1, filter22, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord87(filter23, 1, filter24, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord88(filter25, 1, filter26, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord89(filter27, 1, filter28, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord90(filter54, 1, mixer5, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord91(filter56, 1, mixer5, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord92(filter58, 1, mixer5, 2);
    AudioConnection          patchCord93(filter60, 1, mixer5, 3);
    AudioConnection          patchCord94(filter62, 1, mixer6, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord95(filter64, 1, mixer6, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord96(filter66, 1, mixer6, 2);
    AudioConnection          patchCord97(filter16, 1, peak8, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord98(filter18, 1, peak9, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord99(filter20, 1, peak10, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord100(filter22, 1, peak11, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord101(filter24, 1, peak12, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord102(filter26, 1, peak13, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord103(filter28, 1, peak14, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord104(noise1, 0, filter77, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord105(mixer5, 0, mixer9, 2);
    AudioConnection          patchCord106(mixer6, 0, mixer9, 3);
    AudioConnection          patchCord107(filter67, 1, filter68, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord108(filter69, 1, filter70, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord109(filter71, 1, filter72, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord110(filter73, 1, filter74, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord111(filter75, 2, filter76, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord112(filter77, 2, filter78, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord113(filter29, 1, filter30, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord114(filter31, 1, filter32, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord115(filter33, 1, filter34, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord116(filter35, 1, filter36, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord117(filter37, 2, filter38, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord118(filter68, 1, mixer7, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord119(filter70, 1, mixer7, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord120(filter72, 1, mixer7, 2);
    AudioConnection          patchCord121(filter74, 1, mixer7, 3);
    AudioConnection          patchCord122(filter76, 1, mixer8, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord123(filter78, 1, mixer8, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord124(filter30, 1, peak15, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord125(filter32, 1, peak16, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord126(filter34, 1, peak17, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord127(filter36, 1, peak18, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord128(filter38, 2, peak19, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord129(mixer9, 0, mixer11, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord130(mixer10, 0, mixer11, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord131(mixer7, 0, mixer10, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord132(mixer8, 0, mixer10, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord133(mixer11, 0, i2s2, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord134(mixer11, 0, i2s2, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord135(mixer11, 0, usb2, 0);
    AudioConnection          patchCord136(mixer11, 0, usb2, 1);
    AudioConnection          patchCord137(mixer11, peak22);
    // GUItool: end automatically generated code

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    Take a look at the following post to see if the workaround suggested might work for you:

    Mark J Culross

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    Please test this - fixes the import.
    (Who can I send the invoice to? flashburn or mark? :-)) *kidding*)
    Last edited by Frank B; 05-14-2020 at 06:27 PM.

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    Hi Frank,
    Copied Paul's new committed nodes.js over the existing C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\Audio\ gui\red\nodes.js but still got the "Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of null" popup when importing the lines from msg #3.
    Using Chrome on Windows 7. I closed the browser completely, cleared the browser cache and opened it again. Same popup.
    Arduino 1.8.12, Teensyduino 1.51.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
    Hi Frank,
    Copied Paul's new committed nodes.js over the existing C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\Audio\ gui\red\nodes.js but still got the "Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of null" popup when importing the lines from msg #3.
    Using Chrome on Windows 7. I closed the browser completely, cleared the browser cache and opened it again. Same popup.
    Arduino 1.8.12, Teensyduino 1.51.

    Took a longer than planned nap.. which new commited nodes.js ? Did I miss something? where is it?

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    Welcome back...
    Which new committed nodes.js? The one you refer to in msg #5 above. Oh, sorry, the one you committed 3 hours ago...

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    Here is the new nodes.js (copy to Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\Audio\gui\re d)
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Hi Frank, it works fine now. It must have been a browser caching issue or something because the nodes.js you sent was already on my machine?
    You can submit your invoice.

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