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Thread: Cheap LED for breadboards with built-in resistor and able to handle 9-12v?

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    Cheap LED for breadboards with built-in resistor and able to handle 9-12v?

    I was wiring up a voltage/amperage monitor where I wanted to have various inputs (JST, micro-USB, 5.5mm x 2.1mm power jack, breadboard pins) and various outputs. The idea is I don't want to have to re-jigger things to measure voltage and amperage based on using various standard plugs.

    I wanted to add a simple LED to say the output side has power. Normally I use Adafruit LED sequins ( which are simple to install in breadboards and prototype boards. Because they have a resistor built-in and can handle 3-6 volts, I don't have to add anything to the LED when using it on the Teensy data pin and/or USB power, just connect it to +/- current.

    However, the Adafruit LED sequins are only good if the VIN 3-6 volts. I was measuring some 9v stuff, and I blew out the LED. Is there a similar LED that can operate at 3v through 12v, does not need a separate resistor/voltage regulator, fits in a small space on the breadboard, and is fairly cheap when buying multiple LEDs to cut down on the shipping? Thanks in advance.
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    Well fun way to get 12V would be two LED modules in series...

    Otherwise ebay search for '12V dash led' got various options, though didn't get any hits for just an LED. Quick and dirty hack is soldering an LED to a diode and getting a two pin device, though getting things sized so it's shining reasonably brightly at 3V but not beyond max I at 12V is a bit tricky. I think to get that full range some clever design with either a metal oxide varistor or in series FET would be required.

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