I'm about to make a long-planned change to the PJRC website, replacing the out-of-date static home page with a blog.

Robin & I are planning to post twice a day showing people's projects. I used to post project on this page, but as you can see I fell out of the practice years ago, partly because hand editing the static html was tedious and a task I couldn't realistically delegate.

I've created a forum for submitting any project built with Teensy you'd like to see on the homepage & blog archive.


There's no requirement for projects to be fully finished. Often work-in-progress is more interesting. Posting links to public pages with projects is perfectly fine too. Robin is planning to take the lead with editing, in hopes of showing a few sentences about what each project actually does, using words accessible to people without engineering background.

I also have a few hundred projects in emails and saved links people have sent me over the last few years, so we'll slowly work our way through posting those in addition to posts from the forum.

I'm planning to write an in-depth article about once a week, as I have occasionally done at my blog on the DorkbotPDX website. So much of the stuff I do here never gets shared, and it really should...

Many other website changes have also been long planned. In particular, the plan is _still_ to migrate this forum from vBulletin to XenForo, and add a wiki which can integrate with XenForo. There's still no time-frame on these, and honestly it could be 2018 or later. However, this blog change is a step towards those goals, especially transitioning some of the table-based HTML (created in the days of NN4 & IE5) to modern HTML5+CSS, and hopefully moving towards a more flexible system that helps us keep the website more up to date.