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Thread: Can a Teensy LC (or another) suport a 64 button USB HID

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    Can a Teensy LC (or another) suport a 64 button USB HID

    I have done some searching so forgive me if I have MISSED something..

    But my question is basically and Specifically can the Teensy LC support being a 64 Button HID device w/ normal analog axis's as well either directly or with some sort of modification.. and if so a pointer to what needs to be done or inform on how to do it would be helpful..

    If it is not possible are there any Teensy boards that would be capable of this that are of the same basic format as the Teensy LC which I guess means 3.0 or 3.2.

    Thank you
    Brion Sohn

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    Since the magic is the the HID descriptor the LC should be able to run to follow, specifically that around though have not dug into the details so it may require a Teensy 3.2 to 'just run'. Reading the whole thread is probably a good idea looking at the various limits on axis vs buttons in Teensy, USB and OS.

    The actual button read process should be doable several different ways, the most basic of which being a matrix keypad

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    Yea, The actual programming of the additional buttons would be fairly straight forward as I have been using the LC as the standard 32 buttons but I have found a need for 64.. Don't think I will ever need the full 128 support that windows has.. In the past I think I have seen that thread but at the time it looked too complex so I will have to go back and read it again.

    Most of my stuff is currently LC based but I may have to upgrade to the 3.2 for this project if the LC is not able to be configured to run with the...

    Hopefully there is more info out there...

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