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Thread: Pioneer NEX control Windows 8 PC

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    Pioneer NEX control Windows 8 PC

    here is a demo I setup of sniffing the NEX display's 800x480 coordinates on the i2c bus, getting the high to low values for the X and Y axis and mapping them to a resolution of 1920x1080 using Mouse.MoveTo() on a teensy 3.2.

    I did not yet add click support as I will need a little time to differentiate the HOLD and PRESS states that are currently not in the i2c stream, so I will probably have to use a uint32_t timer to check for repetitive calls within a certain timeframe. The touch events are polling, so when you touch the screen, it basically floods the i2c bus with the coordinate data, and goes idle when not touched.

    can use this with HDMI/AV inputs to see it on the radio.
    Probably could put a rasp pi on there, who knows
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