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Thread: Beats by Teensy

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    Beats by Teensy

    Forum user Pensive is working on a Beats by Teensy MPC project.
    It's featured on the blog today.

    Pensive describes it as a bastard child of an MPC and the DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter. While he describes it as a work in progress, it is functional with more features being planned. The video gives a pretty good overview of it's current functionality.

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    That's pretty sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trucdev88 View Post
    wow. impressive.what software did he write this in? and what did he mean by audio board?
    The audio board is:

    He mentions attaching flash memory to the audio board to hold samples. There are two different chips listed on the audio board page:

    In terms of software, the basis of much of the software is presumably the audio library. If you haven't done so, you probably should watch the tutorial on the audio library:
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