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Thread: unsuccessful in communicating with new 3.2 via Arduino and Teensy

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    unsuccessful in communicating with new 3.2 via Arduino and Teensy

    Just got my new 3.2 out of the box and wanted to write a blink sketch to it.

    Downloaded the Teensyduino installer v. 1.3.8, launched it, installed to (I am using Arduino 1.8.3.). I selected only the "Encoder" library be installed. Did not exit the installer, though I was at the last screen, because I wanted to preserve the instructions on that screen. I launched Arduino and saw the appropriate Teensy menu entries in Tools and Examples. Loaded Blink, changed the delay values to 150 and 50 but otherwise left it unchanged from the Teensy default sketch.

    Following the instruction on the Teensyduino installer screen, I clicked Verify in the Arduino application, then pushed the button on the Teensy. The light stopped blinking the default sketch and stayed off. I did not wait until compilation was complete in to push the button because I did not know I was supposed to. The Teensy application launched, asked me to push the programming button, I pushed it, the light remained off. I quit Teensy, clicked Upload in Arduino, Teensy relaunched and told me to click the button, I did, the light still remained off.

    Power cycling the Teensy, the LED returned to its regular default blinking, but retrying clicking Verify, waiting for Teensy to launch, then pushing the button again turned the light off indefinitely. Same with clicking Upload.

    Relaunched the Teensyduino installer, ran it a second time, again selecting only the Encoder library, clicked Done at the end to exit the installer entirely, launched the Arduino application, clicked Verify, waited for the compilation and for Teensy to launch, it told me to push the button, pushing it only turned off the light indefinitely.

    If you couldn't already tell, I'm new to the Teensy, so apologies for what is likely a small but important error on my part. Any help appreciated!

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    USB data cable ???

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    Charge-only cables made for cell phones are the most common cause of this sort of "no communication" problem.

    The good news is your Teensy is almost certainly working. It blinks again when you plug it in, and stops when you press the button. Once you get a working USB cable, it will probably start responding properly to the PC.

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    aaaaaaand with my tail between my legs, I gladly report that aikx and Paul hit the nail on the head.

    Thanks very much to both of you for the quick replies!

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