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Thread: PJRC Web Site

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    PJRC Web Site

    Hi Paul and Robin,

    Love your amazing products and use them continually! Latest project involves interfacing multiple LIDARs etc. Will be using the 3.6 in a multi-sensor IR beacon scanner next.
    Hope I'm not stepping on too many toes (hopefully you still have 20 total)... but, your web site is somewhat less than user friendly.
    Any chance of bringing it into the 21st century where at least everything about a given product is either on or readily accessible from one page?
    (i.e. all performance specs, pin-out and assignments, dimensions etc.)

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    Perhaps, this thread could become a list of specific suggestions. That way, even if they remain unimplemented, the information remains here to be discovered by users.
    Due to lack of photo of the underside of all Teensy with pins products, and lack of proper text description, I have several times regretted my decision to purchase a large batch of teensys with pins(should have ordered without pins) because I assumed that all of the bottom pads would also have pins. It does not. Only the outer, through hole positions have pins. All of the inner pads remain unpopulated. My intent was to use wires with female to female Dupont connectors to hook up Arduino shields to the bottom pads.

    My recommendation is to add a photo to all Teensy with pins product pages depicting the underside of Teensy w/pins.
    Also, for text browsers, add a note that only the outermost through hole pin positions are populated.
    List all products that are incompatible with the Teensy w/pins. And on those product pages, note that they require Teensy without pins.
    For example, makes no mention that because they require special top facing pins, it is incompatible with Teensys with pins.
    I bought one of those for each of my Teensy with pins on the same order and was very disappointed when they arrived.

    I was very impressed that Robin once caught the fact that I had ordered a Teensy 3.1 and on the same order and warned me of the incompatibility. I made it work any way, but it would be nice if there was an automated script that checks items in your shopping cart and pops up a warning list of mutual incompatibilities before completing the purchase.

    If possible, offer for sale surface mount pins to populate the bottom side pads.

    The recent website split between 8 bit and 32 bit items is a very large step in the right direction. Old instructions with AVR specific registers referring simply to Teensy and not distinguishing between AVR and ARM products (because there were no ARM products at the time of writing) are very confusing to newbies in the current realm. A careful audit of these references is required.

    The new main page with product links and recent blog posts is very much a step in the right direction. Thank you.
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    This subject also came up in the Teensy 4 thread. As someone who's a rookie electronics hobbyist and fresh onto the Teensy bandwagon, something that I would have (still would, really) found very helpful is updating of the Teensyduino database. Many sections are incomplete, or only cover older models. Over the years, I have developed enough problem-solving skills to muddle my way through most things without breaking too many tools, knuckles, or letting the smoke out of stuff, but time, hassle, asking stupid questions on here, yada yada.

    Someone brought up a wiki approach in the other thread, I think this might be a good idea as it would mitigate the workload to Paul and Robin. Relinquishing control always comes with the potential for misinformation, but there's enough sharp people in this community that I don't see misinformation on a wiki lasting too long.

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    It was hoped that at some point we would get a PJRC Wiki, then users could add information freely for everyone to use. From my understanding its still in the works/ on hold.

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