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Thread: [posted] Commodore C64 Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller

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    Impressive work! This really shows off what the Teensy is capable of.

    I also noticed when I look at the code, that your CPU core is based on the 6502 emu I wrote some years back. Nice to see it making the rounds.

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    I've made a 3d printed case for the Teensy64 and added a battery, usb charger, amplifier and speaker. It's basically a mobile c64 now, which explains this SX64-II on the case.

    I'm happy to add the STL / Fusion 360 files to the repo if wanted.

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    I am also thinking to made one. Just gathering basic stuff now.

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    BUILD doc sheets

    Here is a zipped set of build notes from Frank_B as DOC files :

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    Hi gang! I am going to do a presentation on the Teensy64 at the Commodore Retro eXpo (CRX) event in a couple of weeks. See:

    Has there been any progress made on making this NTSC compatible? That is a huge issue for us in the U.S. as basically none of the U.S. games work in PAL mode.

    Also, I see that J-M made a neat addition with the virtual keyboard, but his github reports as being 3 commits ahead. Is there an executable of the latest build?



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