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Thread: [posted] Commodore C64 Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller

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    I got the parts this weekend and now have a. teensy64 as well!

    I had some trouble early on with USB input but all is working now, I have to fix my joysticks though or create a smaller one.

    So far I've been able to play a few games. For anyone having trouble finding PRG you can also try getting the .d64 images and extract the PRG with a tool called c1541 from the VICE emulator.

    I'll try to make a list of games I've tried and the results of which work and which don't.

    I also have a 1541 that I'll try and see if it works

    I wasn't able to upload a picture for whatever reason, I'll try to link it
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