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Thread: Teensy 3.2 as Flight Sim Controls + Joystick

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    Teensy 3.2 as Flight Sim Controls + Joystick


    I'm trying to use a Teensy 3.2 as Flight Sim Controls in X-Plane 11, as well as a joystick. The reason behind this is because I cannot control the nose wheel tiller with datarefs, but it works well to bind it to a joystick axis.

    Setting the Teensy to Flight Sim Controls only works well, the Teensy is detected, and the input/output works as it should. But then of course, I have no joystick features.

    But if I set the Teensy to be Both Joystick and Flight Sim Controls, the Flight Sim Controls do not work; the Teensy is not detected by the X-Plane plugin. They joystick part works just fine.

    As I said, unfortunately I cannot use the Flight Sim Controls features to control the nose wheel tiller (which is not the same thing as using rudder controls to steer, with a tiller you have much much better and more responsive controls - especially on anything larger than a Beechcraft.

    Trying to find a solution, but nothing has come to mind yet, any suggestions/fixes are more than welcome! Thanks!

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    I just ran into this problem today, after I combined two programs that were running on two different Teensys and communicating over serial. Big bummer if I can't use my new program. I believe it's a bug.

    Made a new thread in the bug reports section, hopefully can get some traction.

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