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Thread: Teensy with multiple Ethernet interfaces

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    Teensy with multiple Ethernet interfaces

    Main question and goal is:

    How to route internet traffic to/from ethernet port so, that Teensy modifies the data/payload, while PC is connected to the other end. Say I wanted to use it as a simple Instrusion Prevention System or as a PiHole.

    I imagine this could be achieved by using two ethernet adapters, or one adapter + ethernet over usb?
    If this is not feasible (why?), what are your suggestions as the proper hardware?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Not really feasible, for many reasons. But among them, the Wiznet chips handle only 4 sockets, unless you use the raw packet mode which isn't supported by any of the currently available software. Likewise, USB to ethernet isn't supported by the USB Host library... at least not yet.

    This is the sort of project you'd really want to develop on a PC running Linux. Once it's working, then try to scale it down to a Linux SBC like Odroid or maybe even Raspberry Pi, if your code is efficient enough.

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