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Thread: FT6206 on Teensy 3.x with multitouch

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    FT6206 on Teensy 3.x with multitouch

    Hi :-)
    Since yesterday I'm a proud owner of a Teensy 3.6. and an Adafruit 2.8" Color TFT Capacitive Touchscreen. What I found out to make the FT6206 touchscreen controller work on any of the 4 I2C ports, is represented in the attached files. Sorry if this is just spaghetti code (I am actually from Italy ), but I didn't want to completely rewrite the Adafruit_FT6206_Library my work is based on.
    Just include the FT6206_t3_i2cX for the I2c port X the touchscreen is connected to. I'd be happy if someone could actually help with properly rewriting the library to pass the I2C pins to the instance of FT6206_t3, because my own skills are not yet sufficient. Just for now, everything works fine for me and maybe others who posted questions about this issue long time ago.
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