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Thread: My project the data logger. need help

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    My project the data logger. need help

    Hello, dear forum users!
    Forgive me for my bad English, I use Google as a translator.
    I plan to make the data logger, paralel 8 bits + 1 clock + 1 start frame. capture speed of 25.6 kHz. recording time 5 minutes. i need to write on SD card.
    Question 1 and the most important: Teensy3.2 will be able to cope with this task? or do I need to look for a more powerful solution?
    If there is a positive answer to 1 question then, I have no doubt that there will be more questions.
    Maybe I need Teensy3.6? then i have to wait for the parcel from the Internet
    Thank you for attention.
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