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Thread: Upload sketch to teensy via serial1 or any input besides the main input.

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    Upload sketch to teensy via serial1 or any input besides the main input.

    Is is possible to upload sketches, compiled code, or hex files to a teensy 3.2 via any input besides the designated input?

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    PJRC and the Teensy as shipped with bootloader on 2nd processor only support upload over the USB cable.

    There are posts { note dangers } around of others directly writing code to flash - but no supported alternative.

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    I have the same issue: programming Teensy 3.2s on the field (connected over CAN bus) without having to walk/climb etc. to each of them. OK, I understand, programming over the CAN bus is not a supported option, but:
    Could anybody suggest a bluetooth or any kind of radio bridge solution that would replace the usb cable without the two devices at the ends noticing it?

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    Search the forum for 'Teensy OTA'. There are some makeshift solutions available, but non really recommended for production.

    My solution is to combine them with a Linux SBC, e.g. the very compact $9 NanoPi Neo, and use Teensy CLI through SSH to reflash the Teensy. This is probably something that could be automated through some shell scripting for larger deployments.

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