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Thread: Bluetooth LE Teensy?

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    Bluetooth LE Teensy?

    I love Teensy--who doesn't? But for a series of projects I'm working on, I want BLE in an all-in-one package. I've been using DFRobot's Beetle BLE:
    It talks a simple BLE serial protocol, it powers stuff over micro-USB, and it's cheap!
    But the Teensy form factor, SRAM, and other features would be so great.
    I could add a separate BLE module, but size and price are critical factors if I want to make lots of devices.
    Have you ever considered releasing a BLE-enabled Teensy?

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    the problem with all these "addon" devices is
    1) they drive up the cost of the product
    2) why have 10+ different kinds of teensies because people want BT, WIFI, GPS
    this isnt a base model car with optional features you can purchase at the dealer...
    3) if designed for each persons needs, the cost of supply & demand would be affected
    4) wire up your own board and call it a day, you could prolly find some teensy breakout board on tindie

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    Sure, everyone wants a different set of features, and it isn't practical to make each variety. But Bluetooth Arduino boards are a thing, so I think it's fair to ask if PJRC would lend their brand of awesomeness to the product space.

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    @grantpatterson, I've sent you a private message

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