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Thread: Set pinMode via const array for pin numbers?

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    Set pinMode via const array for pin numbers? (sorted sort of)

    const int SO_PINS[4] = {12,1,2,3}; //array size is (M_PINS)^-2
    void setup() {
        pinMode(SO_PINS[0], OUTPUT);
        //pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
    void loop() {
    Is there a reason this will not work for me?
    If I use the commented line instead it works fine.

    To test I have a current-limited LED sourced by PIN12.

    I was hoping to initialize a set of pins as OUTPUT with a loop. When it didn't work I determined it was not the loop but trying to read the constant array value that was failing.

    Anyone have insight on this for me?

    EDIT - I swear I tested this a dozen times before posting but on the first test after posting it's suddenly is working... :S
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