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Thread: [posted] Air Data Computer

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    [posted] Air Data Computer

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    Basic Air Data is an Open and Free project.

    We have posted here a project for a versatile DIY air data computer. (some pictures here). Project is always under development. The Teensy 3.6 board was the natural choice for us, plenty of I/O and elaboration power.
    You find in this link applications for an ADC. For example you can use the ADC with a DIY Pitot Probe to measure airspeed. (Wind tunnel tested).

    The ADC can exchange data messages with an Android Device, see Bluetooh Helper lib and message standard.

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    Resources :
    Project Website
    Github repository
    PCB related media
    Enclosure related media
    DIY Assembly related media
    Breadboard and development media
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    My job back in college did air flow testing and this brings back some memories. Are the 2 air input ports for total and static pressure coming from a pitot tube? I like all the out of the box stuff you have--even CAD drawings. What CAD software did you use?

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    Great to hear that you worked with Pitots. College ? College was a great time! You are right about pneumatic connection. With the ADC you can use a generic Pitot-Static probe or build your probe. We've tested this 8 mm probe. The project is for DIYers, so all the past contributors tried to use the most excellent, free, and readily available software. In practical terms, we have a mix of different software formats. We have Draftsight, Inventor, Freecad, Sketchup and even Blender format files (sorry if I miss someone, you can download all this software from their producer's homepages); as a general rule, we tried to produce STEP and STL files too. We have tried different solutions, but we have not a champion. Any advice is welcome.

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    This was posted to the website blog a while back. Here's the link.

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    We've been told that is not straightforward nor comfortable to source all the components for the Asgard ADC. In a collaborative effort, we are trying to find a way to centralize some operations. Like PCB printing and population. This proposal is not commercial. It is strictly Do-It-Yourself oriented.

    DIY small Batch page

    With a certain number of participants, we probably can reach out to many users across the world.

    We've some feedback from the ADC users, look what a nice RC F104!
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    Your feedback is warmly welcome!

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