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Thread: Flange Example Sketch extremely noisy(static)?

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    Flange Example Sketch extremely noisy(static)?

    I'm playing around with the "Flange" example sketch included in the Audio Library. I'm using a Teensy 3.2, and the audio board, both connected via headers. I've discerned that my hardware should not be the issue, as I get almost completely noise-free line-in streaming when I flash the "Mono pass-through" example sketch (modifying analog to I2S).

    In my trouble-shooting, I also removed all jumper wires, buttons, and pots, to no avail. Yet, when I flash the Flange example sketch I can barely hear the streaming audio over the level of noise present. After scanning the example-sketch code multiple times, (only bypassing the button and volume pot to remove variables) I am still scratching my head what is creating this dreadful static. I know a flanger introduces some static, but I thought the filter would be usable, but I assume I'm doing something wrong.
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    I have the same problem as well. I commented out all the Serial.print and processor statistics. When it's in FLANGE_DELAY_PASSTHRU mode (logic 1 on pin 1), the audio is clean. When the flanger is running (logic 0 on pin 1), I hear artifacts. I'm guessing it's discontinuities from missing samples (circular buffer problem?) OR some problem in the math OR something having to do with how the modulation picks samples from the buffers.

    I also get a clean bill of health when running the PassThruStereo hardware test.

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