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Thread: Sbus remote with a teensy board?

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    Sbus remote with a teensy board?

    Hey guys, first off I've just begun research into my project and have never worked with anything like this before.

    My goal is to make a small sbus remote control for the black magic micro cinema camera and while I know this has been done before and there are products avaliable for purchase, I'd really like to make one with only what I need.

    My configuration is to make a small box with 8 small buttons on the side panel and 1 record button.

    V Iris ∆ D rec
    V WB ∆
    V ISO ∆
    V ANG ∆

    Something like this where one button shifts the value up and one button shifts it down.

    I have here something that a user from BMCUSER created but i don't have a clue how it works.

    Also here is the layout to the cameras expansion port.

    So my questions are what board I'd need to use, what supplies I'd need to make this happen and where can I find a simple guide or something to follow in order to learn enough to achieve this?

    Thank you.

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    This SBUS library is written for Teensy devices:

    I'm not sure how the camera uses SBUS; the library was designed for use with SBUS capable RC receivers and servos.

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