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Thread: Will Teensy 3.2 suffice for my project?

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    Will Teensy 3.2 suffice for my project?

    Just a couple question before ordering a Teensy 3.2 & audio adaptor. My project is basically a simple stereo to mono digital mixer with real time control of gain levels and maybe high pass to satellites or low pass to a subwoofer. I'm guessing the T3.2 would be up to the task, and that the T3.5 & T3.6 would only be necessary for projects using lots of complex functions like AudioFilterBiquad or AudioFilterFIR etc.

    Also, I'd like to know what the output impedance is for the audio adaptor, as I will need it to drive a Crown XTi 2002 power amplifier having an input impedance of 20K balanced, 10K unbalanced.


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    A teensy 3 will happily mix/filter audio to the extent you require and do the FIR as well most likely, see the audio GUI for what built in functions are there. Do note the limitations on audio quality, which works fine with sane input and output levels but isn't 24 bit at ludicrous sample rates if that's the world you normally work in.

    edit: can't give an authoritative answer on the impedance, but page six of the data sheet for the chip used
    indicates 320 ohm output impedance and a 10k load.

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    Still think that laser beams @ 44.1kHz is ludicrous

    I just placed my order for the T3.2 & audio adaptor, and I want to thank everyone for all the help. At this point I have to get some ESP8266s to play nice, so I'll be bugging the folks over at the Arduino forums.

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