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Thread: SD Card WAV Files Analyze

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    SD Card WAV Files Analyze

    Hello Guys
    I'm new to Teensy. Im currently using Teensy 3.2 with mini sd adaptor. What im asking is inside the SD card, it has directories.
    Let's assume it has 5 directories called FILE1, FILE2, FILE3, FILE4 and FILE5. Also inside each directories it has .WAV files as Test1.wav, Test2.wav and Test3.wav
    I need to analyze the FFT of each Test.wav files of each directories automatically. When the Teensy powered up it should navigate through each directories and print the FFT results on serial.
    Guys i know it not a big deal. But please somebody suggest me how to do this. If there are example codes highly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I don't know anything about FFT, but there is a "listfile" example provided with the SD library which does the equivalent of a unix "find" command on the SD card. That should show you how to list directories and files in a directory.

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    Yes, start with the SD lib listfiles example.

    In the audio library tutorial for FFT you can find code which analyzes the content of a WAV file. First, edit that code to open one of your files in its subdirectory. Then edit the code to do more than 1 file.

    Once that is working, perhaps try merging the listfiles code with the FFT tutorial, so it analyzes the list of files instead of the fixed names.

    If you get stuck, we can try to help. Just remember the "Forum Rule". We can help much more when you post the complete code and give us clear details about what you are doing and what results you're actually seeing.

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