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Thread: Analog design help

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    Analog design help

    For those of us who aren't soooo familiar with analog circuitry, there is a nice paper from TI with some design information, help, and hints:

    Although many things can be done in "digital" nowadays, analog buffer and filter circuits can be needed and may greatly improve precision and signal quality when placed in front of an ADC or behind a DAC. The TI paper gives many answers and sheds light on some common problems and trade-offs.

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    Ooh, good read.

    However, redundant analog circuits can be made digital, thus effectively lowering the build cost.
    I built an analog vocoder once, and it's too expensive. Vocoders consist of lots of VCAs, filters, and envelope followers.
    (My build consist of 108 opamps )

    I'm happy I know how to implement a vocoder by creating an Audio Object but I haven't find some good time to do so.
    It has been started, plans laid-out, but code is not yet finished.

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