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Thread: Teensy 3.6, Single wire and WS2811

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    Teensy 3.6, Single wire and WS2811


    I bought some teensy 3.6 (with speed, sdcard and large memory) last week in order to use on my already wired ws2811 signage. I have tried your single wire code at github (ws2812serial.h,etc) but it is limited to about 600 leds as you have indicated. Can you please indicate the code parameters that would allow me to increase the led limit (maybe to 1000) ?

    Thank you


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    Why not use this library with DMA support which can handle several thousands of LEDs ?

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    I am aware of Octows2811 but this signage is already wired for single wire data input.



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    I could be wrong, but the main issue is the just how long it takes to output data to each led. That is each LED, I believe receives 24 bits of data, and the protocol, for most of them I believe send at 800KBPS. So if you divide that by 24. You can maybe update about 34133 leds per second. If you need to update this maybe 30 times per second 682 and that is not taking into account the time it takes between frames.

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    WS2812Serial should work for 1000 LEDs on Teensy 3.6. It uses more memory than other libs, but 3.6 has plenty.

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    When numled is increased beyond about 400 in Basic Test the 1.5 seconds interval increases , at 700 the colour changes after about 15 seconds. Is leds.numPixels = numled ? for (int i=0; i < leds.numPixels(); i++) {


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    Oops, got it !


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