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Thread: Teensy 3.6 with usb host shield

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    Teensy 3.6 with usb host shield

    Hello to you all teensy users, my brand new teensy arrives soon, i am very exited especialy about the great usability because there are so many libraries for, so the things on the board can be used, one depends on another. Just thinking why not use the usb host shield and use that library. And use the mosi miso pins of the teensy to get the data.
    In theory it would work. It is stated, not use usb host shield, use the usb host on the teensy 3.6 board, can someone explain to me why, couse like i said it can work with the host shield on every arduino based board.
    Thanks in advance, Dian from the Netherlands

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    I personally have not tried it as I am instead trying to help out and get more support on the USB host on the T3.6 board. We now have support for several keyboards, joysticks, Mice, and USB to serial adapters working.

    But if are talking about using the library:
    It appears like there is at least some support for Teensy 3.x boards. There are instructions up on their readme.

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    Yeah thanks for the reply KurkE, i reather had the support from the teensy but yeah i like combining and if i see that direction is not using that, i look
    the other way to get things done, but i will always come back, so i learn a very lot, So that's how i come to the Usb host lib, i use it on an Arduino
    duemilanova, works great.
    Maybe there are ways of using , say, midi in the usb host shield lib that can be used in the T3.6 host lib. It's all open source.

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    I should mention that @Paul has some Midi support in the USBHost_t36 library (the one to control the built in usb Host )

    I have not tried it as.... I don't do any MIDI stuff so can not tell you how much of it is functional.

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    Hello, i use the Sparkfun USBhostshield board Rev 3, and it works great with an Arduino Duemilanova.
    Use the PS4 controller with it, works great and like to use this library on the Teensy3.6, for it's great support on other things, but interfacing with a PS4-controller is not there.
    Now i am trying to interface the board and the Usb-Host-Shield 2.0 library with the Teensy 3.6. but i tryed all the pin-connecting combinations(not the good one, hahaha), and tryed without the spi4teensy3 option and tryed with SPI1 set Mosi Miso CS Sck in the Setup, but nothing seems to get the board_pc working, i every time get the Die revision invalid: value retund: FF error,
    Can someone help me out here, have some tips and tricks to know what's happening.
    Any ideas how to find out the good pins for MOSI, MISO, SCK, CS, INT, for sending and receiving data to and from the Teensy 3.6 and the Host shield
    i use this board_qc Arduino sketch (follow the link)
    Thanks in advance, Dian from the Netherlands

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