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Thread: Teensy not being recognized as MIDI device (showing up as generic usb audio)

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    Teensy not being recognized as MIDI device (showing up as generic usb audio)

    I am fairly new to Teensy but I've done 4 projects already using usb type = midi with no problems. Just started my 5th project and for whatever reason, no matter what I do my Teensy is being recognized (in windows 10) as a "Generic USB Audio" device. I did some searching on here and haven't found anything that looks like this problem. To keep things simple I have just been trying the USB Midi example such as the buttons example and name examples, they both do the same thing. I have tried deleting the device from device manager, I have tried two other windows machines and the Teensy is recognized as a "Generic USB Audio" device on those machines as well. I have been using Arduino 1.8.5 and tried downgrading to 1.8.4 which made no difference. I have tried manually uploading the program to the Teensy and nothing seems to make any difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    In Windows USB info is cached and not updated on each load. Reboot your PC between connection attempts.

    At least that's what I recall. No expert at USB

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