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Thread: Teensy3.6 joystick host?

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    Teensy3.6 joystick host?

    I see libraries for usb keyboard and usb mouse host , but is there already joystick usb host code available for the teensy 3.6? Just got the board in and would like to do some tests with it.

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    Yes - the usbhost_t36 driver does have Joystick support through the HID support. I have done some testing of it it with Sony playstation 3/4 controllers. I also earlier tested with a Teensy plugged in for a Teensy configured as a Joystick. I think these are in the released code.

    Recently was able to get the XBox-One controller supported as well. But I believe this is still only in my code base waiting on Pull Request.

    Note: All of these are currently only supported by USB cables. That is not through Wireless controllers (like Bluetooth for PS3/4). Not sure about Microsoft XBox PC Wireless adapter as I don't have one to try...

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