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Thread: Update create date on SD card file

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    Update create date on SD card file

    When im recording sound files to SD card through Teensy it will give some default create date and time. But i need to update exact date and time when creating wave files. Also currently i have access to time stamps. Just need to update the date and time of the created wave files. Also later again i need to extract these created date and time.
    Any suggestions ?

    Thank you

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    It depends on what SD library you are using.

    For SDFat library, i do this, to write the current date time upon WAV file creation:

        static void dateTime(uint16_t *date, uint16_t *time)
            // return date using FAT_DATE macro to format fields
            *date = FAT_DATE(year(), month(), day());
            // return time using FAT_TIME macro to format fields
            *time = FAT_TIME(hour(), minute(), second());
    in my setup():


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