Please help !,

I can't figure out why my "SpiSdLogDisk" library and "TetraAudio" library won't compile if they are both in the same project.

TetraAudio includes: Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\Audio: "input_i2s_quad.h", "output_i2s_quad.h", "control_sgtl5000.h", and "record_queue.h" in the .cpp file only!

SpiSdLogDisk includes: Arduino\libraries\SdFat\src\: "SdFat.h" and Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\SPI: "SPI.h" in the .cpp file only!

Though these libraries work fine compiling with a .ino on their own, I get yards of error messages about SdFile.cpp and SdVolume.cpp when they are both in the same project.

As you can see in the source code, neither of these libraries mentions those includes in their headers. Why does one object care about what another object includes if it isn't in the declaration shared between them?

I really, really need to get both these files working together. Writing by block is the only thing fast enough (500mills/MB) for my four channel data logger.

Thanks Very Much,