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Thread: How to make or buy silicone rubber pads?

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    How to make or buy silicone rubber pads?

    Hi! Not strictly a Teensy question, but I have designed an instrument that has 60 keys (currently using cherry MX) and for production I'd like to use silicone rubber pads something like what a pad controller uses. Here's the first thing I found on the internet as an example:

    I see adafruit and sparkfun both have some kit, but they are not really the shape I want. Ideally I could get these produced for my specific purpose and I could match my board layout to it.

    1. Any idea where and how?
    2. How would I do velocity sensing on these kind of pads?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    p.s. after being away form Teensy for 2 years and coming back to see the 3.6, I am stunned by what a beast that thing is. Well done to Paul and the team!

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    Make a mold and pour Flex Seal into it? I'm sure there are commercial mixes for making small rubber parts--never googled it though.

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    If it's just a short run and you know someone with a 3D printer, you can print them out of NinjaFlex

    It's not silicone, but very strong and flexible TPU.

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    Thank you for the answers. Yes, I have access to a very good 3d printer which I would use for mold or with NinjaFlex. Any thoughts on how I would detect the button presses? Should I go the piezo route, or should I use a conductive ring directly on the circuit?

    Thanks again.

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