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Thread: Empty Module for User defined Audio Modules

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    Empty Module for User defined Audio Modules

    the given audio modules and the graphical tool are great!!!

    Nevertheless 3 questions:
    1. Is there something like a tutorial how to build a first user defined Audio module? It would be very helpful! Yes I have seen

    2. A Suggestion: Include some User Module blocks into the gui tool. UserA, UserB, UserC.... Each of these blocks should have several (4?) inputs and several (4?) outputs. People, who are willing to develope their own modules could use these and don't have to struggle with the tool here.

    3. A second suggestion: Include the possibility to place some text as comment into the graphical tool.

    A finding: To get more easy reading of my project I renamed some modules. But the export did not work fully. I am glad that I was able to get back to the original version with the automatic names. Therefore I am not able to post the problem.

    Best Regards, Christof

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    1: The link you provided yourself says basically everything. If you need further details, feel free to study the source code of existing audio objects. Learning includes sometimes failing and restarting from scratch...

    2: You may already include user objects and connect these, by adding them manually to your code below the imported declarations from the design tool.

    3: You can rename audio objects, this will work if you do so in the source code, after having imported the stuff from the design tool.

    The visual design tool is an appealing and helpful tool (I personally would rather say a crutch) for beginners. As an advanced developer, you can write all the stuff directly in your code without that tool.

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    Hi, Theremingenieur,

    ok, I was able to include the noisegate object into my Project and I was able to modify it a little bit. :-) It seems to be the most simple object.

    The graphical tool is really a great way to document for others or even for yourself, what you are doing. I do a lot of different things and sometimes I come back to a project, I had been working on after several years. Then it is good to have some documentation what I had done....
    Perhaps you know the electronics paper ELEKTOR? They used to write about electronic circuits which could be visualised with a schematic. Now they bring a lot of stuff where the main functions are done by the software hidden in a microcontroller. Unfortunately they now have big problems to show, how the project works. Now they print the schematics and a photograph as usual, but you can't see anything about the function.
    I think the visual design tool is a big oppertunity to share and to rise interest. You can get a fast overview.

    Best regards to Colmar from nearby Stuttgart, Christof

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    Oh, please take my statements about the visual design tool with a grain of salt - or two. After working in s/w development for more than 30 years, this visualisation happens automatically in my brain when I read bare code. Things like GUIs and WYSIWYG were almost unknown when I started studying at the University in 1985. But I can understand that such tools are of great interest and help for most people.

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    I think you both make some excellent points.

    If you are relying on the Audio GUI to make your audio connections and class instances for you because you can't do it yourself in the INO code, I think it's WELL WORTH the time to learn for yourself. It is really not hard at all, and the more comfortable you become with the basics, the easier it is to understand and modify the audio objects, or make your own effects and objects, which is what I really think the goal we all share is. Make our own exciting audio projects!

    That said, Teensy/Arudino is a community about sharing, and a screen shot of the audio GUI tool is an amazing way to visualize the project when sharing with others. That screenshot of the GUI will let me reading your post know what you're doing, without having to read your code details (which you should provide too!).

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