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Thread: Guitar Tube Amp Simulation Setup

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    Guitar Tube Amp Simulation Setup

    perhaps this is interesting for anybody.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is a guitar-amp Simulation-work in progress. It can be used to Play electric guitar together with a headphone or hifi stereo amplifier.
    It brings nice tube saturation into the Sound for overdrive using the formula y= 1,2*(x-x^3/6).
    To avoid "muddy" Sound, the overdrive-section is started with a high pass filter. Varying this filter and the gain in mixer4 brings a big bandwidth of sounds.
    Mixer3 is the central object. Here you can mix the clean Signal to the overdriven Signal. Mixer5 is needed to reduce the signal , because "reverb" does Clip very awfully.
    The whole Setup Needs about 25% of the power of Teensy3.6.

    Enjoy Christof
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    Maybe post the code so others can give it a try?

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    Hi blackaddr,
    yes, perhaps I will post the code, when I am somewhat more happy with the result. I was still fighting with a user interface. It consists of a potentiometer, used like a joystick, a switch and a serial lcd. The parameter sets are saved on the SD. The interface is really awful at the moment but it works.

    With a humbucker guitar I am quite happy with the clean and crunch/ light overdrive sound. For a telecaster type guitar, I think I should have some cabinet simulation. Any suggestions here?
    Regards Christof

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