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Thread: RTC battery for T3.2

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    RTC battery for T3.2

    What are the recommended RTC batteries for the Teensy 3.2? CR2032? Something else?

    How long would a CR2032 last? (I'm just looking for an approximate, ballpark figure)

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    CR2032 is 240mah. CR2032 is used only when power is off T3.2. T3.2 datasheet says 0.67 ua for RTC with no T3.2. Others measure 1.6ua. so that's about 17 years

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    Thanks, I got it. I think I'm not going to verify that figure ( ) but I have a feeling that with heat and self-discharge factored in, it's likely to be significantly less than 17 years.

    But I guess I can probably expect a CR2032 last for about 5 years or so.

    Of a possible other option, does anyone know how complicated or costly is a circuit that would charge a LIR2032?

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    Most CR2032s have a "shelf life" spec in the 5 to 10 year range. Usually those specs are worst case scenarios based on higher temperatures, so they may not be an issue if the battery is kept at room temperature or in a cold environment.

    Then again, the self discharge may play a factor, for less than the 17 years you might expect from only the capacity rating.

    Here's one graph that really explains the situation pretty well.

    Click image for larger version. 

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