Hello all!

I'm looking to do a project that's seems pretty similar to this one found on Hackster: C.H.I.P. MIDI Arpeggiating Synth but instead of using CHIP, I'm of coarse looking to use a Teensy 3.6...

Basically, I want to hack into my Akai Synthstation 25 in order to use the Teensy audio libraries to initiate sounds to feed through the Synthstation. Also still being able to use the MIDI capabilities of the SS would be ideal as well.

So far I've bought & soldered on the pins to use the optional USB host cable and have tried hooking the SS to the Teensy via that solution but when I fire up the example found: File > Examples > USBHost_t36 > Test the Teensy seems to be getting mixed messages during the upload process and borks out. It's only when I detach the SS from the Teensy's USB host cable that it will properly program. Yet upon reattaching the now programmed Teensy to the SS there doesn't seem to be any activity happening. FYI, I have he Teensy setup to use serial/midi/audio atm.

My first question I guess is what I'm hoping to achieve even possible? Then secondarily if so am I going about it the right way with this USB host cable or should I be looking to connect to the Akai Synthstation's PCB boards directly? I've taken the SS completely apart and examined all the pieces so I have access to some pins if I can figure out which ones do what exactly. I've taken pictures of each PCB board in the SS so if anyone thinks seeing those would help assess the situation I'd be more than happy to post them here.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help!