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    I am trying to run Paul's movie2serial Processing script. I have already installed the VideoDisplay script on my 3.2. When I run the Processing script, the grey box where the movie is supposed to be appears but nothing else happens (not even playing the movie). If I comment out this line:
    the grey box will appear with the movie but obviously nothing is happening on my LED display. When I go back to the Serial Monitor in Arduino and send a "?" to the Teensy, it responds with the message I would expect regarding my current setup (225,32,0,0,0,0,0,100,100,0,0,0). Am I missing a library in Processing or something? I have tried this on Processing 3 (64 and 32 bit versions).

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    Did you install the Video library?

    Also, make sure you close the Arduino Serial Monitor or even quit Arduino before running the sketch in Processing. Windows only allows 1 program to access a COM port, so Processing can't talk to the Teensy if Arduino is using it.

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    Yes, I have that library and Arduino is closed.

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    Similar to that thread, I am trying to run a MOV file on Windows 10.

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    Just for fun, I tried changing the VideoDisplay script in Arduino to make the Teensy think it has 60 LEDs on each of 16 strips. For some reason, it starts working when I do that but, obviously, the picture is way off. Is there a size constraint that is making it get stuck for my 225x32 array?

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