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Thread: I2S audio board (24bit/96Khz)- Working with 'generic' I2S ADC breakout?

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    I2S audio board (24bit/96Khz)- Working with 'generic' I2S ADC breakout?


    I am trying to work with the SparkFun ADC breakout, I wonder if someone have an experience with working on this kind of breakouts or something similar.
    I understand that it a bit different than the Teensy Audio Board because it have a few formats and modes..

    Is there an example that I can find that will help me to understand how to interface with this breakout?


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    The Teensy Audio board can indeed be noisy. One of the main contributors to the noise is the highpass filter that is enabled by default on the AIC at the heart of the audio board. The highpass filter is a good idea, it just seems to be implemented poorly. I wrote up a discussion here...

    If you disable the highpass filter, the noise drops by 15-20 dB, which is very nice. You can disable the filter by adding this command to your setup() routine:

    I hope that this addresses your problem!


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    Hi Chip Thanks for your advice.
    I actually read your post and I am using this command ( to both of my Audio Boards (I am working with quad channels..) this really helps! but, it not enough and I am looking for a different soloution than the SGTL5000...I would like to have very clean inputs..this Audio Board is not the right thing for me.. This why I am trying to work with the PCM1803A
    I have also looked at the Tympan from your blog and it looks very impressive but the size of the PCB is too big for my project..
    I thought maybe to redesign your Tympan and to remove some features that you created such as the Bluetooth, the on board mic and etc.. I only need the line in inputs (but 4)

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