the given audio modules and the graphical tool are great!!!

1. A suggestion: Include some User Module blocks into the gui tool. UserA, UserB, UserC.... Each of these blocks should have several (4?) inputs and several (4?) outputs. People, who are willing to develop their own modules could use these and don't have to struggle with the tool here.

2. A second suggestion: Include the possibility to place some text as comment into the graphical tool. Perhaps the possibility to draw a box to mark a section of the setup would be good too. The reason for the suggestion is, that the tool is really a great way to document and to share a project.

A finding: To get more easy reading of my project I renamed some modules. But the export did not work fully. I am glad that I was able to get back to the original version with the automatic names. Therefore I am not able to post the problem.

Best Regards, Christof

(I had this suggestions already posted into the audio forum but I had the impression, that it was not in the right place.)