This is a follow-on to a separate thread regarding a Bluetooth lightsaber. Essentially, I'm going to put either Neopixel strips or Dotstar strips in a blade, and want to connect them to a hilt with a GX-16 9-pin port. There are a few things I'd like to be able to do:

1) Support Dotstar strips, which requires 4 pins - 5V, GND, CLK, DATA
2) Support a "Kill key". Basically, when the blade (or USB) are not connected, I want the battery disconnected from the Teensy.
3) Support USB data+charging for reprogramming/file transfer. This way I can reprogram the device without taking it out of the hilt, and can charge it through the same port. This requires 4 pins: GND, VUSB, D+, D-

I would use the LiPo battery charger (, and wire up a GX-16/9 female directly to the Teensy to use in place of the standard USB port. It would look something like this:

On the Hilt (Teensy) side:
Pin 1 - VIN
Pin 2 - GND
Pin 3 - D+ (bottom of Teensy 3.2)
Pin 4 - D- (bottom of Teensy 3.2)
Pin 5 - 5V Power (from Prop shield)
Pin 6 - LED_CLK
Pin 7 - LED_DAT
Pin 8 - Battery negative wire
Pin 9 - The negative wire of the jumper

On the Blade/modified USB cable side, I would jump Pin 8 and Pin 9. This way, if the blade or USB are disconnected, the battery is disconnected. Basically, if either the blade or modified USB GX-16 cable are connected, then the negative of the battery is connected as normal. otherwise, they are open. I'm assuming it is fine to use the Teensy's GND pin directly instead of the prop shield's GND pin for the Dotstar/Neopixel strip.

Does this sound reasonable? Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated!