There is already a thread which has the same goal as mine, however it basically concludes with "I got it working, but glitchy in Ubuntu" with little talk about the details to reach the goal. It only refers to an "Arduino Teensy" which from what I can tell is just the Teensy set to Arduino compatibility mode.

I have spent hours investigating this as newbie and ask if someone can confirm the following....

Is the Teensy++ is suitable to interface with all 30 pins (got a FPC to header pins adapter) on my Lenovo g50-70 Swedish keyboard?

I see not all the pins are the same type and the Teensy++ has 38 "digital" pins, are these the ones I connect to the keyboard FPC pins?

Do I connect the pins in sequence, Teensy++ pin 1 to FPC pin 1 etc?

I have some vague understanding the FPC pins are connected to two layers, bottom and top grids and that there are usually fewer bottom pins.
I intend to do some multimeter probing, however can I expect the 30 pin FPC to have the bottom pins bunched up together (not by themselves between top grid pins) either at the start, end or middle of the FPC pin row?

Also I see the pins can be set to a mode depending on the purpose.
What mode should I use for the input pins to read the keyboard matrix?

The keyboard has backlit FPC also, two pins.
The Teensy++ should be able to power this (backlit leds), turn off and on yes?

Can the Teensy++ work as a USB Keyboard adapter if set to 2mhz clock?

This is part of my project to try re-purpose a laptop with a dead motherboard using among other things an Orange Pi PC sbc. Yes I know I could by another motherboard but I am trying to hack my way to a long battery life laptop.