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Thread: Teensy LC with own board

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    Teensy LC with own board

    I am new here and I have a technical question.
    I wrote some basic application in Arduino with Teensy support on my MKL26z128vfm4 chip and then flash hex with jlink. It looks like it works well. Then I wrote basic app with usb serial println but it doesn't work - USB is not recognized Even with osciloscope D+ and D- do nothing.
    I need bootloader if I use USB feature or it is not necessarily? I made simple circuit like Teensy LC but without bootloader and I use jlink to flash hex.

    Maybe my chip is broken? But, I prefer to ask a question earlier than solder a new chip

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    The hex file is stand-alone. It should work without the bootloader chip.

    However, only the chips used on Teensy LC, 3.2, 3.5 & 3.6 are supported. Similar chips like MKL26Z128 are unsupported. These might work for some programs but not others. I recommend first testing your custom board using the supported MKL26Z64 chip. Many people have made their own boards and spent quite a lot of time finding mistakes, like a missing USB trace or VBAT connection. Best to troubleshoot one thing at a time, rather than using an unsupported chip on not-yet-proven hardware.

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