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Thread: generic Teensy "perfshield" ?

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    generic Teensy "perfshield" ?

    Is there a perfboard that has the same width as a Teensy and fits on it?
    Anybody know of e.g. an OSH perfboard-style "shield" made for Teensy I could mod or use as-is?

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    I'm not aware of any PCBs that are exactly 7 pins wide, and at least 14 rows.

    This board is 0.2" wider (1x2"), which allows you to mount an extra set of headers on the outside, and connect wires on the inside. There are 3 rows of 14x3 pins, so a Teensy fits on it with just a little left over on the ends. It also has 4 mounting holes so you can attach it to a board:

    This is slightly wider, but it allows you to have power rails on the inside and outside. It also gives you 3x8 pins on each end (+ 2 power rails) for external mounts. It comes in two forms, the first with break away mounting holes, and second with out the holes (look for the 1x2.4" mini-protoboard pack in the second one) :

    Here is a picture of a Teensy 3.2 mounted on it with two sets of LCDs connected (for uncanny eyes):

    The Adafruit mini mint tin perma-proto is wider, but I find it a convenient size for Teensys:

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    Thanks Michael, those are really useful links for mock-ups and prototypes - I can ignore extra width for now, or maybe even cut it off once or twice.
    Sort of like this, though cutting might be easier starting with a large perfboard to begin with.


    Unfortunately the final mechanical mount barely accommodates the Teensy itself in width. If anybody has seen a 7-wide anywhere, I'd love to hear about it.

    If nobody else has done it already, I'll just have to roll my own through OSH eventually. In that case, KiCAD perfboard files with a permissive license would be really helpful.

    Edit: btw., I saw this thread:

    Different purpose, and the design was never fixed regarding the VUSB/5V autorouter issue? Saw this, too:

    KiCAD files for something like this would be a good starting point for my paint-by-numbers level of proficiency.
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